Adapted Clothing

ABL Denim - Designed for those with limited mobility or who are confined to a wheelchair, they make dressing an effortless task to start your day


Adaptive Clothing Showroom – clothing for men, women and children in need of regular or adaptive clothing to meet their ease of independent or aided dressing needs.


Dignity Pajamas – high quality 100% cotton adaptable sleepwear is a gentler and more respectful solution for both the patient and the caregiver.


Foot Smart – shoes, orthotics, socks, home treatment products.


Runway of Dreams – Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit organization working with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community. 


Emergency Preparedness


Do 1 Thing: Unique Family Needs - Small Steps Toward Preparing for an Emergency - Every household is different. Is there an infant or young child in your home? Does someone in your family have a medical condition that requires medication? Do you have a pet? Before disaster strikes, talk to your family about your household’s unique needs. Make a list of special items you may need in a disaster.


Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for People with Disabilities - Making an emergency plan and putting together your emergency tool kit is a big job. Your plan may include family, friends, neighbors, and organizations that can support you and help you make decisions. Your tool kit does not have to be perfect, but it is important to plan ahead.


Michigan Prepares: How to Create Your Emergency Plan - Creating an emergency plan may seem challenging, but keeping things simple will make your plan practical and easy to remember for everyone. The following list covers the few components you will need to focus on to make your plan. You can use the planning template and checklists at the bottom of the page to put together your official plan.


Policy and Government Information

Americans With Disabilities Act National Network - The ADA National Network consists of 10 regional centers and an ADA Knowledge Translation Center. The regional centers are distributed throughout the United States to provide local assistance and foster implementation of the ADA. Funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), the ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  


Disability.gov QUICK LINKS - The site connects people with disabilities, their families and caregivers to helpful resources on topics such as how to apply for disability benefits, find a job, get health care or pay for accessible housing. You'll also find many organizations in your community that can help you get the support you need. And be sure to visit the Quick Links for fast, easy access to important information. 


IDEA - The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.