Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gaming to Enhance Self-Management of Adolescents and Young Adults with Spinal Cord Injury

Recruitment: OPEN


Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle A. Meade

Coordinators: Mr. Brad Trumpower & Ms. Joanna Jennie


SCI-Hard puts you, the player, in the chair of someone with a Spinal Cord Injury. Introducing you to new challenges and obstacles all while trying to save the world from legions of mutated animals. Join the fight and kick a** while sitting down!


This study is evaluating the efficacy of a newly-developed serious game, SCI Hard, to enhance self-management skills, self-reported health behaviors, and quality of life among teens and young adults with spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D).

For this study, participants complete 3 surveys and play through 1 of 2 assigned mobile games. The study takes about 7 hours of time over 3 months.



The flow of the study is:

    • Screening survey
      • this is how we tell you more about the study and find out if you are eligible.
    • Baseline survey
      • This survey is where we collect information about you before you play 1 of the 2 games.
    • Play through the assigned game
      • This will take about 4 hours
    • 1-month survey
      • This will be like the Baseline survey you took when you started the survey
    • 3-month survey
      • This is a repeat of the previous surveys

   You can earn up to $100 for completing the study

**This study is open to U.S. Residents only.**

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To join, send an email to Sci-hardgame@umich.edu


If you are a caregiver or provider and would like to find out more about the game and would like to play, please click here